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The myO solutions for acoustic comfort are designed to absorb the various sounds found in reverberant spaces. This is why their performance is measured by an independent test laboratory.

So, we can confirm that the myO products enjoy outstanding acoustic qualities.


The Equivalent Absorption Area (EAA) of an element (A) is expressed in sqm. It characterises the absorbency of the element per frequency band: the higher the value, the greater the absorbency of the element.


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Proven efficacy of myO acoustic solutions

myO acoustic panels proven efficacy

myO acoustic totem proven efficacy

A cleaner planet for tomorrow

We and most our main suppliers care about the environment and our processes are ISO 14001 certified. All our products are chosen for their environmental performances: PEFC panel, OEKO TEX foam, UE ECOLABEL fabric …

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And you, is your life space too noisy or tiring?

We can help you find a way to make your areas more comfortable.

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