Here at myO, we can promise you (another) great year full of surprises! To get the year off to a good start, we are proud to announce a new myOpenspace service! Numerous interior design firms use CAD (Computer-Aided Design) solutions to illustrate and showcase their projects. This inspired us to make our product ranges available to our myO purchasing advisors and distributors: pCon planner.

pCon, the OFML* library for myO products

We opted for the pCon planner solution, a tool familiar to architects as it is one of the most famous pieces of 3D modelling software on the interior design market. Chiefly used in the office furniture industry and free of charge in its standard version, this software can handle most standard file formats (Dwg, Skp, 3ds). It is a very effective tool for designing and arranging 3D spaces and has already won over a large number of users.
pCon Planner is thus a tool for 3D architectural modelling. Its interface, divided into 4 windows, allows you to see your projects take shape at any given moment and from any angle. pCon Planner is easy to use and makes designing spaces simpler (walls, doors, windows, etc.). To insert objects, items of furniture or decorative acoustic solutions, for example, the application has a search engine connected directly to Trimble 3D or to a manufacturer’s product catalogue via pCon.Update, in which myO is now listed.

3D design or redesign involving adding myO (or other) products can now be done in a few clicks. You will be able to create realistic plans, quickly and easily, for sharing your projects in picture form with your clients.
Select the most appropriate myO product and customise it: choose the fabric, the colour, the printed motif and more…then obtain a high-definition (3D!) preview of the layout plan for your project – a veritable tool for boosting sales!

Which myO products are on pCon?

Currently, 90% of our myO ranges are available in the pCon online library. You can already find products from the LUGN and QUIETO series… Later this year, the Aluscreen series and its movable screens (as well as other series!) will be added to extend the list of our ranges.

Please feel free to share your first pCon creations using myO products on social media (and don’t forget to mention us!) or send them to…we will be happy to share it!

If you would like to know more about our online library myOpenspace, please contact us!

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Connexion to pCon.planner 

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*Office Furniture Media Library

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