A cosy, modular company restaurant, brought to you by myO products.

The new company restaurant is located in an industrial-looking building, and the dining room, which boasts a metallic frame and a quartz-infused concrete floor, can host around fifty covers per service. To avoid the din so characteristic of corporate restaurants, the choices for decorating this space focused on LUGN acoustic panels and an adapted version of Aluscreen movable screens, both of which combine acoustic performance with an attractive appearance.

The Project

Our client took the decision to place its new company restaurant in an industrial building covering nearly 300 m2. A quartz-infused concrete slab and a black metallic frame lend the kitchens and restaurant a sober and timeless cachet that the client wished to preserve. In order for employees to be able to recharge their batteries during meals, the surroundings must ensure there is not too much ambient noise. In addition, the outfitter, like many companies today, wanted the dining hall to be multi-purpose, in order to be able to transform it into a massive reception area or into co-working pods at will.

Lugn panels and Aluscreen movable screens for a customised result

The restaurant is now a place for taking your time: the whole area offers a natural and relaxing ambience. Green and white Lugn acoustic panels on the ceiling soften the industrial appearance of the black metallic frame whilst simultaneously absorbing sound. At eye level, birch forests and swathes of greenery bring structure to the space, providing a breath of fresh air to employees during mealtimes.

“We decided to fit 18 acoustic ceiling panels and the same number of movable screens in the dining room. This will improve acoustic comfort, separate the serving area from the rest of the room and allow different spaces to be delineated”, explained the interior architect in charge of the project.

In order to make it easier to clean the movable screens dividing the tray trolley area from the dining hall, they were custom-built based on the existing product: the dining side has an acoustic face printed with beautiful birches to promote a feeling of calm, whereas the service side has a washable melamine surface to make it quick and easy to clean after every service.

To ensure a completely harmonious appearance, the aluminium frames were manufactured in the same colour as the window frames and the steel ceiling. “When we visited the myO showroom, we discovered a multitude of colours and materials that meant we were able to comply with the colour scheme already in place in the building and to explore the natural look that we wanted to give to the restaurant”, states the interior architect.

“We also appreciated the fitting system unique to Aluscreen movable screens that means they can be moved quickly in the event that the room is reconfigured. The restaurant can thus be transformed into a beautiful reception room and back again in the blink of an eye.”

Réalisation-cloisonnettes-acoustiques-panneaux-acoustiques-correction-acoustique-restaurantThe opinion of the distributor-installer

Distributor-installer CEO

«This project really focused on acoustic attenuation. The challenge for us was to reduce the echo to the greatest extent possible while respecting the cachet of the framework. We had to work around a technical restriction – the suspended fluorescent lighting and the ventilation ducts had been fitted before we arrived. On our request to myOpenspace, an acoustic assessment was carried out in order to determine the surface area of panels required in order to guarantee optimum results, which in the present case was almost 45 m2. Once our proposal for the installation was accepted, the rest was child’s play.

Another peculiarity was having to fit two Lugn acoustic panels in the self-service area, which has a suspended ceiling of white tiles. To ensure they would not hang too low, we hung them from the roof frame like the other tiles, replacing certain tiles to make sure they were completely flush with the suspended ceiling.

Actually, myO products are very easy to fit – you just have to have the right tools! For the Lugn acoustic panels with an inbuilt lighting system, we asked myOpenspace to incorporate holes of the appropriate dimensions so that all the electrician would have to do is slot in the spot lighting. Working with the myO range of products is a real pleasure as they have all been laboratorytested and come with technical documentation that allow us to make a compelling argument for their use to architects.

Finally, myO products are made in France – the frames are manufactured in the North of France and the fabric coverings are sewn by hand. We stand by this argument and clients are becoming increasingly convinced by it. 

LUGN acoutic panels 

Acoutic movable screens 

written by Anne Aitzegagh


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